Last Chance for FMGE Dec 2023 Candidates to Rectify Document Deficiencies!

Last Chance for FMGE Dec 2023 Candidates to Rectify Document Deficiencies!


The Public Leading body of Assessments in Clinical Sciences, New Delhi, gives a vital notification concerning the FMGE Dec 2023 assessment. This correspondence tends to up-and-comers who have not corrected lacks in their submitted records by the predetermined cut-off time.

Please Note:

A list of candidates with outstanding document deficiencies is provided by clauses 2.8.3 and 8.30.2 of the FMGE Dec 2023 Information Bulletin.

Deficiencies in Documents:

  1. Essential Clinical Capability Degree authentication/Temporary Pass Testament (apostilled/validated by the International Safe Haven of India).
  2. Qualification Testament from NMC/MCI (if relevant), Affirmation Letter, Confirmation of NEET-UG capability.
  3. Verification of Citizenship.
  4. Bungle in Name/Date of Birth in submitted archives.
  5. Steady records for stirring starting with one clinical foundation and then onto the next.
  6. Mark sheet of standard 12″ and Rank declaration (SC/ST/OBC).

Activity Required:

Up-and-comers with insufficiencies are conceded a last an open door to present the foreseeable records from 05.01.2024 (12:00 PM onwards) to 08.01.2024 (till 11:55 PM). The accommodation should be possible through the consultant site


Important Points:

  1. Just qualified applicants with the Qualification Endorsement (if appropriate) and the Temporary Pass Testament/Degree Announcement of Essential Clinical Capability will be permitted to appear in the FMGE, according to NMC suggestions and MoHFW authorization.
  2. Competitors who do not submit total submissions with imperative reports or correct lacks by the predetermined date will be unqualified. Concede Cards won’t be given to ineligible applicants.
  3. The people who neglect to submit required reports will be pronounced ineligible for the FMGE Dec 2023 meeting, with no further open doors for document accommodation.

Contact Information:

For any questions, up-and-comers can contact NBEMS Applicant Care Backing at 011-45593000 or keep in touch with the Public Leading body of Assessments in Clinical Sciences through the Correspondence Web-based interface:



Up-and-comers are encouraged to stick to the last report accommodation cut-off time to guarantee their FMGE Dec 2023 valuation qualification. The Public Important body of Assessments highlights the implication of meeting all predetermined necessities to keep away from omission and rejection from the impending consultation.


FOR MORE DETAILS CONTACT US: 9993336778; 9993416778; 9993146778