Ulyanovsk State University

Discover a world-class medical education at Ulyanovsk State University, Russia, where academic excellence meets a rich cultural experience.

Our medical programs are designed to nurture the next generation of healthcare professionals, providing a comprehensive and internationally recognised curriculum.

Ulyanovsk State Medical University

Is a government medical university located in Ulyanovsk city, Russia. It is one of the topmost medical universities in Russia and the oldest educational institution in Russia. Ulyanovsk city was founded in 1648, situated on the Volga River 705 kilometers east of Moscow. The population of Ulyanovsk is about 650000 people.

The International Faculty of Medical Education is one of the largest scientific educational and medical diagnostic centers in Russia. During the time of its existence, more than 50000 doctors and other health professionals have been trained in different countries.

Ulyanovsk State Medical University consists of 40 affiliated hospitals and polyclinics where medical students can develop practical skills.

Ulyanovsk State Medical University provides 1500 faculty members, including 600 doctors of medical science, 450 Ph.D. in medicine, 250 professors, and 200 associate professors etc. Currently, about 6000 foreign students from 40 different countries of the world are studying in Ulyanovsk State Medical University.

Ulyanovsk State Medical University is recognized by WHO, MCI, and other international medical boards. The majority of international students are from India, Kenya, Morocco, Egypt Iraq, Ukraine, Iran, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Malaysia, etc.

Why to Choose Ulyanovsk State University for Medical education?

1. Cutting-edge Curriculum : Our medical programs integrate the latest advancements in healthcare, ensuring that students are equipped with the knowledge and skills demanded by the evolving field of medicine.

2. Facilities : Explore modern laboratories, research center, and medical facilities that provide a dynamic learning environment. Our campus is equipped with the latest technology to support hands-on learning experiences.

3. Experienced Faculty : Learn from accomplished and dedicated faculty members who are experts in their respective fields. Benefit from their guidance and mentorship as you navigate through the challenging and rewarding journey of medical education.

4.International Exposure : Embrace a diverse and inclusive community of students and faculty from around the globe. Our commitment to a global perspective prepares students for the interconnected nature of healthcare in today’s world.

5. Clinical Exposure : Gain valuable clinical experience through partnerships with leading hospitals and healthcare institutions. Our programs include practical training, ensuring that you are well-prepared for the realities of medical practice.

6. Cultural Enrichment : Immerse yourself in the unique culture of Russia while pursuing your medical education. Ulyanovsk State University offers a blend of academic excellence and cultural exploration, providing a truly enriching experience. 

Student Support Services from Explore my University

Our commitment to your success goes beyond the classroom. Benefit from comprehensive student support services, including academic advising, career counselling, and a range of extracurricular activities to enhance your personal and professional development.

Ulyanovsk State Medical University Library has over a million duplicates of books. The University Library has a computerized library framework. The university likewise gives a username and secret phrase to every single understudy so they can get entrance day in and day out to the data. There are also discrete perusing rooms in the college. The library contains remarkable public and worldwide assortments of books in English and Russian languages. Understudy don’t have to purchase any reading material, all books will be issued to them by the college library itself free of charge. An understudy can get books for one semester from the library by showing their understudy personality card. The understudy should return every one of the books after finishing the semester test. Really, at that time, they can get every one of the books for the following semester. Checking, composing, or underlining library books is completely denied. If the book is abused, dealt with generally, or lost, the concerned understudy should supplant the book or address the ongoing business sector cost of the book.

NEW Period Instructive Advisors gave two extraordinary lodging to worldwide understudy, particularly for Indian understudy. Lodgings are situated in the focal point of Ulyanovsk city, which is close to the university’s primary structure.

There are two kinds of  hostel 

Level framework type: – with appended washroom, latrine, and kitchen.

Block framework type: with normal restrooms, latrine, and kitchen. Each block has five rooms, each with a choice of double, triple, or four beds in a single room.

The lodgings are completely outfitted.

Accessible offices: Wifi, warmer, clothing office, Indian wreck, concentrate on room, 24 hours water supply, no power cut, CCTV cameras covering each side of the structure, 24-hour safety officer and so forth.

There are also understudy monitors in each block of every lodging named by New Period Instructive Advisors for the help and direction of all understudies.

Extra offices: Close by: General Store, Clinical Focus, Library, Jungle Gym, Sports Complex, Shopping Center, Gym, Church, Pool, Cafeteria, Food Court, and so forth.

Understudy well-being and direction

All understudies are required to buy a yearly clinical insurance contract, which costs around 8000 rubles, and it is excluded from the educational expense structure. A clinical insurance contract incorporates walking care, hospitalization, and other medical problems.

New Time Training Experts give capable and well-disposed staff the direction of all understudies. Staff will have the general liabilities of all the understudy in issues connecting with profession exhortation, understudy organization relationship, sorting out and advancement of understudy bodies, understudy direction offices, and guiding and supporting in all parts of understudy life. Sets up likewise orchestrate normal gatherings with all the understudies in the event of any issues, yet no less than multiple times in a year.

The climate of Ulyanovsk is a mainland mainland-impacted environment. The most noteworthy temperature on a normal is around 27°C in July and the least temperature on a normal is near – 20°C in January.

There are 4 seasons in Ulyanovsk: – spring (walk, April, may), summer (june, july, august), fall (September, october, november) and winter (december, january, February). Spring and Summer are for the most part bright and fall and winter are shady. Snowfall start from the long stretch of December, january, february and last until walk.

Grounds Visits and Occasions: Plan a grounds visit or go to virtual occasions to encounter USMU firsthand. Explore the campus facilities and interact with faculty members and current students.

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At Ulyanovsk State Medical University, where academic excellence, cutting-edge facilities, and a global perspective combine to shape the future of healthcare, embark on a transformative educational journey. Your pathway to a remunerating clinical vocation begins here at USMU. with EMU

  • General Medication
  • Dentistry (Somatology)
  • Preventive Medication
  • Pediatrics
  • Nursing
  • Drug store
  • Drug instruction
  • Postgraduate course


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