Siberian State Medical University

SibMED is a guide of greatness, committed to forming the fate of medical care experts

Why Siberian State Medical University?

Clinical schooling at Siberian State Clinical College, where custom meets advancement. Settled in the remarkable city of Tomsk, SSMU is a guide of greatness, committed to forming the fate of medical care experts.

Siberian State Medical University was established in May 1878 by the pronouncement of Ruler Alexander II. The College is much of the time viewed as quite possibly one of the best scholarly foundations in Russia, having a clinical profile and offering quality clinical training to understudies who decide to concentrate on MBBS in Russia. In 2019, Siberian State Medical University ranked 48th out of all Russian universities, according to the Interfax National Rankings. Additionally, in the year 2019, Siberian State Clinical College likewise entered the class of Three College Missions Moscow Global College Positioning, where it got the situation in 701-800 stretch gathering among world colleges and 25-32 span bunch among all Russian colleges in light of Round College Rankings.

Siberian State Medical University is well-known for providing all of its graduates with MBBS degrees that are recognized around the world and opening the door to numerous opportunities. Medical alumni from Siberian State Medical University will want to get their practitioner training from any nation in the wake of meeting all requirements for the FMGE of that country. Siberian State Medical University’s six-year MBBS degree is recognized by NMC (National Medical Commission), MCI (Medical Council of India), and other medical councils like Canada, the United Kingdom, and others. The MBBS level of Siberian State Medical University is enrolled with WDOMS (World Index of medical university).

Today, SibMed is one of the three best medical university in Russia. It is viewed as the best non-capital clinical college in Russia, and the outright forerunner in the quantity of state-subsidized positions among clinical colleges in the Asian piece of Russia. In 2015, the Siberian State Clinical College turned into the main clinical college in Russia to be licensed by the Skolkovo Innovation Park. Beginning around 2017, SibMed acquired the situation with the main medical lead university in Russia.

A list of degrees awarded and required courses:

  • Medical Doctor (MD) (6 years)
  • Medical Doctor — Pediatrician (MD) (6 years)
  • Master of Pharmacy (5 years)
  • Doctor – Biochemist (6 years)
  • Doctor – Biophysics (6 years)
  • Doctor – Cybernetici st (6 years)
  • Economist – Manager in Health Care (5 years)
  • Medical Nurse with Higher Education (4 years)
  • Candidate of Medical Science (postgraduate program)
  • Doctor of Medical Science (D.M.Sc. program)
  • Clinical psychologist (5.5 years)
  • Social Worker (5 years)


SibMed Library

SibMed Library is the main openly available clinical examination library in the Tomsk District, the biggest specific library in Siberia.

October 1935 marked the organization of the Library. The majority of the books and periodicals in its collection came from the Division of the Medical University, the Dental Institute and Tomsk State University libraries, and the personal libraries of Tomsk medical scientists.

At present, the Library assortment has in excess of 770,000 reports, including 3,350 papers shielded by doctors in Tomsk starting around 1888, in excess of 80,000 digests of expositions protected starting around 1963, north of 48,000 (in excess of 500 titles) of logical periodicals, and more than 6,000 electronic distributions.

More than 2.5 million full-text archives from unfamiliar and public electronic assets are accessible to university workers yearly through the Russian Starting point for Fundamental Exploration challenges, government contracts with the Service of Training and Science, and by membership.

SibMed Library’s mission is to guarantee the accessibility of logical and instructive assets in stock and on the web, new data benefits that address the clients’ issues, raising social mindfulness and assisting with creating data abilities for understudies, graduate understudies, and staff.

Worldwide Participation

SibMed has constructed an extremely well-established relationship with in excess of 20 different accomplice foundations around the world. The college shares an extraordinary bond and great relationships with other medical universities  all over the world SibMed teams up widely with the DADA Scholastic Trade Asset (Germany) and Fulbright Establishment Grant Program. Consistently, the college energetically invites Fulbright researchers that take a functioning part in creating English language capability among the college staff and the clinical understudies.

About Tomsk city

Tomsk scored 73th position in the Best Student Cities 2020 rankings, the third best in Russia after Moscow and Saint-Petersburg.

Tomsk is a city in Western Siberia, the administrative center of the Tomsk region. It is situated on the right bank of the River Tom, 50 km from the place of its confluence with the River Ob.




SSMU has a long history of hypothetical excellence and offers a wide range of medical programs that are up to international standards. Our dedication to excellence makes certain that students receive an extensive and comprehensive education.

Advanced Facilities

Immerse yourself in a learning environment with cutting-edge facilities. To facilitate hands-on learning, SSMU provides access to cutting-edge test centers, research centers, and technologically enhanced classrooms.

Master Workforce

Take advantage of a distinguished faculty that is made up of successful professionals who are specialists in their respective fields. Mentorship, research opportunities, and a commitment to academic and professional success are just some of the ways we at SSMU support talent development
Perspective on the World: Through our international collaborations and exchange programs, we embrace diversity and acquire a global perspective. SSMU urges substitutes to take part in diverse encounters, expanding their viewpoints and setting them up for a globalized medical services scene.
Exploration and Revolution : Join a college at the cutting edge of clinical examination and development. Students at SibMED have the opportunity to contribute to ground-breaking medical science research and advancements, fostering a culture of curiosity and exploration.

Understudy-Driven Approach

Students are at the centersof our community at SibMED. Discover a welcoming setting that places a high value on student well-being, personal development, and a vibrant campus life.

At Siberian State Medical University, where knowledge meets passion and every student is empowered to make a difference in the healthcare industry, embark on your path to a rewarding medical career.


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