Samara State Medical University

Discover a world-class medical education at Ulyanovsk State University, Russia, where academic excellence meets a rich cultural experience.

Our medical programs are designed to nurture the next generation of healthcare professionals, providing a comprehensive and internationally recognised curriculum.

About Samara State Medical University

Are you dreaming of a future in medicine? Samara State Medical University (SSMU) in Russia might be the doorway to change that dream into reality. Established with a pledge to excellence, SSMU has appeared as an eminent organization, shaping the next group of healthcare authorities. Let’s take a closer appearance at what makes SSMU a promising journey’s end for aspiring medical students.

Samara State Medical University institutes 8 establishments, over 15 specific symptomatic and remedial focuses, 14 divisions, and 90 seats. The university personnel comprises 622 individuals, 14 of which are academicians and related individuals from various institutes, 100 teachers and PhDs, and 386 aide teachers.

Based on the International Students Department, Samara State Medical University has been training general practitioners, pharmacists, trainees, and post-graduate research students from Eastern countries, Asia, Africa, and Latin America since 1991. Preparing depends on the agreement framework.

Around 1000 global understudies moved on from our College. Our alumni have an elevated degree of hypothetical and reasonable expert information. The Certificate of our College is known in the north of 50 nations.

Today, the number of our understudies is more than 6000, and 900 of them are global.

Academic Excellence:

At the fundamental of SSMU’s standing is its continuing devotion to scholarly importance. The university offers a wide scope of medical projects, certifying that understudies get a dynamic establishment in scientific sciences, accompanied by functional, involved meets. Clinics of the Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation The clinics of SamSMU are a federal medical and scientific institution with a century-old history. Years of experience, professional staff, modern facilities, and the strong scientific potential of the Clinics allow for medical and surgical treatment of various complexity, including high-tech medical aid.
Clinics of SamSMU have the highest clinical and scientific potential in the region: their personnel includes one Academician of RAS, 56 Associate professors, 3 Laureates of the Russian Federation state prize, 6 winners of the Russian Government prize, 6 Honored doctors of Russia, 21 leading external expert of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Samara region.Clinics of SamSMU use the leading technologies of medical care and provide high-quality service to their patients. The Clinics have medical facilities of the expert level, including modern equipment for diagnostics, treatment, intensive care, anesthesia, and rehabilitation.
The Clinics of SamSMU can successfully perform a wide range of operations of various complexity, among them emergency surgery and unique operations in such profiles as cardiac surgery, vascular surgery, abdominal surgery, traumatology and orthopedics, maxillofacial surgery, and others.
The Clinics specialize also in minimally invasive surgery — microsurgical, laparoscopic, and endovascular procedures; in cerebral revascularization, coronary artery bypass grafting, and aortic aneurysm surgery.
To date, more than 450 kidney transplantations and 4 liver transplantations have been done. Treatment of acute and chronic leukemia, diseases of the blood clotting system, and autologous bone marrow transplantation is performed.
The clinical facilities allow for 40 — 50 operations per day. Annually, the Clinics of SamSMU welcome about 25,000 in-patients; more than 200,000 persons apply for out-patient treatment. The Clinics have more than 1000 In-patient beds in resuscitation wards, daycare, and full-time wards, including one-place and extra comfort patient rooms. The Clinics of SamSMU are the largest rehabilitation center in the region, which uses classic methods of patient rehabilitation along with modern techniques: physiotherapy, gravity therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and others.


Faculty of International Students:

The course of globalization made high-level medication accessible to the entire world. Free and dynamic trade of logical information, treatment experience, and the executive’s designs in medical care is further developing life quality in every country. In addition to defining the global educational standards for medical specialists, international collaboration in medicine also includes joint investigations, the implementation of new treatment strategies and appliances, and the exchange of experience in science and practice.

The educational process, accommodation, and adaptation of international students are organized and monitored by SamSMU’s Department of International Relations. The Staff of training of worldwide understudies was opened in 1992. Since that time, we have refined the showing techniques and concentrated on guides, explicit for worldwide understudies. The educators have been exceptionally prepared in the main colleges, which represent considerable authority in the training of worldwide understudies.                           

Every year, the University selects candidates from the previous CIS nations, the Center East, India, Morocco, Cameroon, Thailand, China, Egypt, Algeria, and different nations

The benefits of training in Samara State Medical University

·      The international groups are taught by the most experienced lecturers, and professors, (MDs and PhDs).

·      English medium of studying (General Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy)

·      Pre-academic programs for enrollees in English (Biology, Chemistry)

·      Participation in research projects together with the scientists and students. The students train their skills in experimental and clinical research and take part in scientific conferences, organized by the Academic Committee of the University.

·      After graduation, the students can continue their study as resident doctors, or take courses in professional development at SamSMU.

·      Three scientific libraries are available in Samara besides an electron library of the University.

·      The international students get medical aid in the University Clinics.

·       Rector’s scholarship for the best foreign students.

Samara State Medical University is a top-class institute with excellent world (5422) and country (178) rankings:

Samara State Medical University provides globally recognized MBBS degree:

There are more than 40 reputable international institutions that are active in scientific and technological collaboration with SMU.

The main campus is located at Samara with 5000 students and 599 various academic specialists.

In addition to academic and non-academic facilities and services, the university also provides students with a library and administrative services.

The University coordinates 2 prestigious clusters of research and educational universities, including 7 universities and more than 70 organizations.

The institute has built many partnerships with more than 40 Russian and international organizations.

Samara University boasts the largest campus in Samara, providing everything from lecture rooms, and research labs to dorms and sports facilities.

Students studying at Samara have a high level of theoretical and practical professional knowledge.

According to statistics, Samara Medical University is listed on the high enrolment page, offering high chances of admission to students.

Authorize whether Samara State Medical University is recognized by the National Council of India (NMC). NMC recognition is central for Indian students as it ensures that the medical degree obtained from the university is recognized in India as well as WHO,ECFMG

Level framework type: – with appended washroom, latrine, and kitchen.

Block framework type: with normal restrooms, latrine, and kitchen. Each block has five rooms, each with a choice of double, triple, or four beds in a single room.

The lodgings are completely outfitted.

Accessible offices: Wifi, warmer, clothing office, Indian wreck, concentrate on room, 24 hours water supply, no power cut, CCTV cameras covering each side of the structure, 24-hour safety officer and so forth.

There are also understudy monitors in each block of every lodging named by New Period Instructive Advisors for the help and direction of all understudies.

Extra offices: Close by: General Store, Clinical Focus, Library, Jungle Gym, Sports Complex, Shopping Center, Gym, Church, Pool, Cafeteria, Food Court, and so forth.

Understudy well-being and direction

All understudies are required to buy a yearly clinical insurance contract, which costs around 8000 rubles, and it is excluded from the educational expense structure. A clinical insurance contract incorporates walking care, hospitalization, and other medical problems.

New Time Training Experts give capable and well-disposed staff the direction of all understudies. Staff will have the general liabilities of all the understudy in issues connecting with profession exhortation, understudy organization relationship, sorting out and advancement of understudy bodies, understudy direction offices, and guiding and supporting in all parts of understudy life. Sets up likewise orchestrate normal gatherings with all the understudies in the event of any issues, yet no less than multiple times in a year.

To be considered for admission, students must satisfy the following requirements:

1 A minimum of 60% in chemistry and biology in the 12th grade.

2 Qualifications of National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET)

  • General Medication
  • Dentistry (Somatology)
  • Preventive Medication
  • Pediatrics
  • Nursing
  • Drug store
  • Drug instruction
  • Postgraduate course


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