Ryazan State Medical University

Discover a world-class medical education at Ulyanovsk State University, Russia, where academic excellence meets a rich cultural experience.

Our medical programs are designed to nurture the next generation of healthcare professionals, providing a comprehensive and internationally recognised curriculum.

About Ryazan State Medical University 

Ryazan State Medical University was established in 1950. It was named after Ivan Petrovich Pavlov who was an academician. Ivan was a Russian Physiologist. He gained a lot of attention for his work in classical conditioning. Along with lifelong learning, the school places a major emphasis on qualitative conditioning. RSMU offers a degree in overall medication which normally endures six years. The school has been enlisted in the Registry of World Clinical Schools by the World Wellbeing Association. Ryazan’s pace of confirmation is between ninety and a hundred percent.
Ryazan State Medical University is named after academician I.P. Pavlov. For more than 70 years, the university has trained competent personnel for the Health Care System. Its foundation incorporates progressed exploration and 17 driving Russian logical university that are very much perceived in Russia and abroad. Alongside a few worldwide ventures, Ryazan State Medical University is a coordinator of global congresses and meetings. The college likewise has an organization with various university and logical focuses. The university centers around subjective instruction and deep-rooted learning accomplished through old-style customs of the great Medical University instructive innovations, and exceptionally qualified scholastic staff. The experts go for the gold in well-being assurance, who are productive on Russian and worldwide levels.

Samara State Medical University institutes 8 establishments, over 15 specific symptomatic and remedial focuses, 14 divisions, and 90 seats. The university personnel comprises 622 individuals, 14 of which are academicians and related individuals from various institutes, 100 teachers and PhDs, and 386 aide teachers.

Based on the International Students Department, Samara State Medical University has been training general practitioners, pharmacists, trainees, and post-graduate research students from Eastern countries, Asia, Africa, and Latin America since 1991. Preparing depends on the agreement framework.

Around 1000 global understudies moved on from our College. Our alumni have an elevated degree of hypothetical and reasonable expert information. The Certificate of our College is known in the north of 50 nations.

Today, the number of our understudies is more than 6000, and 900 of them are global.

Why Study MBBS at Ryazan State Medical University?

The worldwide students looking to pursue MBBS in Russia must check out the advantages of studying MBBS at Ryazan State Medical University:

·      Students from around the world can obtain an affordable medical education at Ryazan State Medical University.

·      The understudies in this University. are associated with various games segments and engaged with public city occasions.

·      The Ryazan State Medical University is perceived globally and positions at 28th situation among 70 Russian colleges.

·      Ryazan State Medical University is creating worldwide relations and associations, participation arrangements are endorsed with various modern buildings of Russia incorporating with PJSC Foundation of Human Undeveloped cells, FSUE Moscow Endocrine Plant, Stronghold examination and creation endeavor, and ELAMED organization.

·      The mechanism of showing the MBBS course in English and Russian language.

·      Understudies earn a high logical education at Ryazan State Medical University which is universally acknowledged.

·      Accessibility of state-of-the-art present-day advances utilized in clinical examinations at Ryazan State Medical University.

·      The Ryazan State Medical University is generally glad for exceptionally qualified resources, as of now, there are more than 500 employees which incorporate respected researchers, regarded specialists, academicians, and laborers of higher school Russian league.

·      The Ryazan State Medical University every year directs fundamental examinations on worldwide, government and local awards, 2 exposition boards capability, and peer-inspected logical diaries.

·      The understudies at Ryazan State Medical University can rehearse at all University destinations in the area and furthermore help prizes at the olympiads and logical contests through top-notch of preparing.



International students are trained by faculty including compatriots abroad, admitted to the university in the main educational programs of higher education specialties in General Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmacy.


The 6 Faculties of Ryazan State Medical University include:

1 Faculty of General Medicine
2 Faculty of Dentistry Medicine
3 Faculty of Pharmacy
4 Medico-preventive Faculty
5 Faculty of Clinical Psychology
6 Faculty of Postgraduate Studies

Medicine Program:
General Medicine (
Duration of course: 6 years
The form of Studies: Full-time

Campus life:
International students can take part in all events held at Ryazan State Medical University, which includes amateur performances, sports competitions, volunteerism, and many more. Days of national culture is regularly organized by foreign students and are widely popular at the university because it helps the students to get acquainted with the traditions, costumes, folklore, and traditional cuisines of their foreign mates.


Ryazan State Medical University

·      The international groups are taught by the most experienced lecturers, and professors, (MDs and PhDs).

·      English medium of studying (General Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy)

·      Pre-academic programs for enrollees in English (Biology, Chemistry)

·      Participation in research projects together with the scientists and students. The students train their skills in experimental and clinical research and take part in scientific conferences, organized by the Academic Committee of the University.

·      After graduation, the students can continue their study as resident doctors, or take courses in professional development at Ryazan State Medical University

·      Three scientific libraries are available in Samara besides an electron library of the University.

·      The international students get medical aid in the University Clinics.

·       Rector’s scholarship for the best foreign students.

Ryazan State Medical University comprises of 56 departments, 16 academic buildings, a base dental clinic, a central scientific research laboratory, a consulting diagnostic polyclinic, a vivarium, a botanic garden with the experimental ground, a bee yard, 1 sports and health camp, 4 comfortable hostels for foreign students, gyms, a mini-football ground, 2 basketball courts, tennis court, and various other facilities.

1) The student must appear in the National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) Medical assessment.

2) The aspirant must score up to 50% in Physics, Biology, and Chemistry.

3) Applicant must be up to 17 years old as of December 31 of that academic year.

·       The university provides fully furnished and convenient hostel rooms.

·       The hostel has separate floors for boys and girls.

·       The students are provided with all basic needs on a sharing basis.

·       Availability of food facility in a hostel mess, where the students will get 3 times fresh meals.

·       The hostel provides a 24*7 Wifi facility for the students.
One common kitchen is available for students to cook their choice of food.

·       Availability of Indian restaurants in nearby places.

·       Availability of Recreation rooms, gyms, and laundry rooms.

·       Indian food is available for Indian students.

·       Our EMU representative is available 24/7

  • General Medication
  • Dentistry (Somatology)
  • Preventive Medication
  • Pediatrics
  • Nursing
  • Drug store
  • Drug instruction
  • Postgraduate course


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