Kemerovo State Medical University

About Kemerovo State Medical University

Kemerovo State Medical University is a public exploration university situated in the city of Kemerovo, Russia. It’s perhaps one of the most established university in Russia. Kemerovo State Medical University is generally markable for its great quality schooling with a pocket-accommodating expense structure and the arranged region of the university is exceptionally gainful because there you get everything as per our solace and comfort, the university showed in excess of 3500 understudies of medication.

Kemerovo State Medical University

Kemerovo State Medical University offers different undergrad and graduate projects in different fields, including medication. The Workforce of Medication at Kemerovo State Medical University offers a 6-year MBBS program (Lone Wolf of Medication and Unhitched Male of Medical Procedure) that is shown totally in English. The objective of the program is to provide students with a comprehensive education in medical science and practical training in clinics and hospitals.

Concentrating on MBBS at Kemerovo State Medical University offers a few advantages for global understudies who desire to concentrate on an MBBS abroad. The university likewise has profoundly gifted personnel, best-in-class offices, and a dynamic understudy local area. Understudies have numerous areas and benefits for visiting on their days off and aside from training Russia is likewise a decent spot for going for visiting, Russia has a lower crime percentage for understudies there are heaps of spots that are accessible and weather conditions are astonishing to partake in the days.

Eligibility to study MBBS in Russia at Kemerovo State Medical University

Students have many facilities and highly qualified educators at Kemerovo State Medical University, and it’s one of the best and oldest universities in Russia. But, to be admitted to KSMU, you must fulfill the eligibility criteria as follows.

1. Students are required to qualify for the NEET UG exam to get admitted to Kemerovo State Medical University.
2. Students need to score at least 50% in PCB on the 10+2 
3. Physics, biology, and chemistry must be the subjects in the senior secondary examination.
4. Candidates must be 17+ by the last day of the year they are applying to qualify for admission

Student Support Services from Explore my University

Our commitment to your success goes beyond the classroom. Benefit from comprehensive student support services, including academic advising, career counselling, and a range of extracurricular activities to enhance your personal and professional development.
  1. 24/7/365 accessibility of Internet network
  2. Binding books and photocopy amenities
  3. Sports arena and playground
  4. Comfy library amenities
  5. Transportation and Medical Amenities
  6. 100% Tight Security
  7. Canteen provisions
  8. Advanced labs
  9. Affiliated medical centers
  10. Recreational area
  11. It trains students for the Medical Council of India and USMLE entrance exam
  12. It has reservations in the dormitory for students with disabilities

Kemerovo State Medical University has gained notoriety for scholastic greatness and is licensed by the Russian Alliance’s Service of Instruction and Science. Learning at Kemerovo State Medical University is reasonable contrasted with different nations, and living uses in Russia are lower than in numerous European nations. Kemerovo State Medical University has research labs, a historical center library, and first-rate clinical gear which assists understudies with getting superior training.
Their Personnel of Medication offers a 6-year MBBS program that is directed totally in English and gives understudies total schooling in clinical science, alongside commonsense preparation in clinics and centers. The University gives research labs and trial clinical bodies for pragmatic training. A global library is available to students to help them with their studies. Understudies ready from Kemerovo State Medical University are working universally in well-known well-being communities with a significant pay bundle.
1. Facilities: Best-in-class offices and cutting-edge innovations for active learning.
2. Language: English Instruction Climate for Indian and Worldwide Understudies to give the best schooling and make correspondence with global understudies more straightforward.
3. MBBS Tuition Fees: The MBBS tuition at Kemerovo State Medical University ranges from approximately 2,76,000 for each year of study. yearly for students from other countries.
4. International students: With a long history of greatness and a solid standing in the clinical field, 3,500+ Global understudies learned MBBS at Kemerovo State Clinical College.
5. Criteria: In Higher Secondary, a minimum of 40% (for Reserved) and 50% (for general category) marks are required.
6. Approved by: MBBS programs conveyed by The College are endorsed by MCI, NMC, and WHO

The resources of the university incorporate Personnel of General Medication, Workforce of Pediatrics, Staff Dentistry, Staff Preventive Medication, Staff of Drug stores, and Personnel of postgraduate preparation.


Campus Life: The University has different public affiliations and associations. Students’ clubs, the Joint Council of Students, and medical volunteers are among them. It additionally has understudy groups that urge understudy youth to take part in the process of giving birth exercises. The university has an Exhibition hall of the historical backdrop of Kemerovo State Medical University. It serves as the university’s cultural and educational hub. The Museum enables students to learn the moral qualities of a future doctor, teaches them to respect the accomplishments of previous generations, and provides students with direction for their future profession. Scholarships are available to students at the University.

Accommodation: The University furnishes convenience to its understudies with 3 inns accessible. The day-to-day environments are sound. Understudies who require convenience are expected to apply ahead of time.

  • General Medication
  • Dentistry (Somatology)
  • Preventive Medication
  • Pediatrics
  • Nursing
  • Drug store
  • Drug instruction
  • Postgraduate course


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