Crimea Federal University

Discover a world-class medical education at crimea federal  University, Russia, where academic excellence meets a rich cultural experience.

Our medical programs are designed to nurture the next generation of healthcare professionals, providing a comprehensive and internationally recognised curriculum.

About Crimea Federal University

Crimea Federal University also known as V.I. Vernadsky Crimea Federal University is the top-class Clinical college in Russia. It is Arranged in Crimea State. We have more than 7,000 individuals from staff and more than 32,000 understudies, including around 3,000 global understudies from 54 nations.

CFU Laid out in 1918. The International Education Society has given the university the “AA” rank. We have Exceptionally Talented and knowledgeable Employees. CFU is a completely English Medium university that keeps the European Guidelines of training. CFU is the best clinical university in Russia in light of the present-day advances we suggest in educating understudies. Today, V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Government University involves 23 intellectual and non-scholastic units and 12 branches situated across Crimea, including 10 foundations and organizations, 7 universities, 11 branches, and 11 exploration and science establishments and focuses. Understudies from everywhere in the world concentrated on the Crimea Federal University

Quick Overview of Crimea Federal University, Russia





Simferopol, Russia

Academic Staff


Undergraduate Students


Eligibility Criteria

PCB: 50%, NEET – Qualification

Admission Mode

Early Applicants Basis

Nearest Airport

Simferopol International Air

Why Choose to Study MBBS at Crimea Federal University, Russia

Here are just some important of the many benefits of studying at CFU:

  • The University provides degree programs at every academic level and in every conceivable field, including bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees
  • The university has been providing world-class medical education to students from all over the world for more than 50 years.
  • Its highly experienced and dedicated faculty will provide you with the necessary guidance and support you need to become a successful medical specialist.
  • Employers all across the globe have high regard for CFU degrees.
  • Here, you will find the perfect combination of traditional and modern medical knowledge, making it the ideal place to begin your journey toward becoming a doctor.
  • Food, rent, clothes, and cultural events are all extremely reasonably priced. Indian Students can also take advantage of a variety of discounts.

Academic Facilities: Exceptional study halls with current education help.Labs for down-to-earth and research exercises. Online resources and a large collection of medical works can be found in libraries. Audiences furnished with general media help.

Clinical Training: Association with hospitals and medical centers for clinical rotations. Simulation centers for practical training in a measured environment. General Medicine Faculty Department of Dentistry College of Pharmacy Pediatrics faculty clinical psychology faculty etc.

Six hostels are owned by Crimea Federal Medical University and are used to house international students. Additionally, security is offered to guarantee the security of overseas students.

The cost of lodging in this Russian city is reasonable compared to other places.

The dorm mess serves exceptionally high-quality meals. 

 The cleanliness of the kitchens is frequently checked using a specific examination.

 There is always medical care available in the hostels. 

The hostels are kept up nicely and are clean.

After completing their MBBS, students can work in various European nations. The  University provides all the resources necessary for students to achieve their goals and develop holistically. The University also provides the most current methods and techniques to compete worldwide. Meeting the researchers working on the COVID-19 vaccine may provide students the chance to stimulate their interest in the field. Low entrance requirements and a simple admissions process for international students Since 2016, the entire MBBS program has been taught in English.
 More than 3000 international students are enrolled at CFU right now. Government hospitals provide students with hands-on clinical experience. The institution established an international center to internationalize its operations and programs. Every year, the institution has a gathering on campus. Within the University, there are facilities for students to stay in hostels

The following prerequisites must be fulfilled for an applicant to be permitted to the University are as tails:

1. Academic specifications: A minimum overall 10+2 grade point average of 50% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology are mandatory.

2. Age requirement: Candidates must be 17 or older as of December 31 of the admission year.

3. NEET eligibility requirements: Passed the NEET exam (general/EWS category: 50%, unreserved category: 40%).

Crimea Federal University Fee


Per year

Tuition fee (Approx.)


Hostel fee


Steps to apply to Crimea

 Federal University:

To be qualified for the CFU a contender must achieve the following process:
Step 1: Students must complete the application form, which is available on the Crimean Federal University website or by the EMU
Step 2: Once the registration form has been submitted, the qualified student will receive an invitation letter.
Step 3: Following receipt of an invitation letter, students can submit a visa application.
Step 4: Let the consultant know when you plan to arrive so that an EMU representative can assist you in getting to the University

  • General Medication
  • Dentistry (Somatology)
  • Preventive Medication
  • Pediatrics
  • Nursing
  • Drug store
  • Drug instruction
  • Postgraduate course


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